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Let Your Fingers Do The Driving!

24/7 Clifton Taxis is a pioneer in shaping the professional transport services in Farnborough and Aldershot. We are a leading taxi services provider offering an entire bouquet of end-to-end long and short distance taxi service through its fleet of mini cabs across Aldershot.

24/7 Clifton Taxis has grown exponentially in terms of geographical existence and fleet size. Customers benefit from a serene commute in a well furnished air-conditioned cab which is readily accessible 24/7. An e-bill at the end of the journey assures the client of tamper-proof billing.

Our Mission

Our aim is to fill the great demand for a secure, reliable and friendly community taxi service in Farnborough and also to provide a dependable, comfortable and first-class 24 hours car service for every customer.

We believe that the essential difference between an ordinary taxi service and a 24/7 Clifton Taxis service lies in the contribution that we make into training our professionals. Our demanding conditions for employing a chauffeur include complete medical checkup, address verification, testing of driving skills, ability to handle the onboard technology on our cars, familiarity with your town and all the necessary licensing criteria. And if a potential professional meets these requirements, we put them through a comprehensive training program where we convey knowledge on hygiene, customer service, secure driving habits and how to manage an emergency.

For those who access our airport transfer service, 24/7 Clifton Taxis offers a service that imitates the best airport taxi service norms across Farnborough. We try our ultimate best to assure availability. Our onboard technology assures that a customer pays a legitimate fare with a receipt for each transaction.

We try to assure that your requirement for commuting is met every time you need to travel.

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